RAYA brings the Immortal Regiment rally to Seattle

May 7 – An estimate of 200 people took part in a downtown Seattle memorial procession, known internationally as the Immortal Regiment, to honor allied World War II vets.  More »

RAYA cosponsors discussion on future of Russia-Ukraine relations

May 4 – Prominent scholars and political scientists gathered at NYU this Wednesday to talk "beyond the political games" of Ukraine and Russia. More »

RAYA expands to New York and Connecticut

April 17 – RAYA has expanded to the states of New York and Connecticut with the opening of new chapters in New York City and Hartford. More »

Today we mourn with Russia

November 1 ­– RAYA joins the “Day of Mourning”, which has been declared in Russia to pay tribute to the victims of the tragic Russian MetroJet A321 airline crash over Egypt. More »

New Year Retreat 2016

October 30 ­– Preparations are underway for the II Annual RAYA New Year Retreat, which is to be held from December 30, 2015 to January 3, 2016 at a lodge near Salem, Oregon. More »


VOICES: Derek Norberg

Derek Norberg – the Founder and President of the Council of U.S.-Russia Relations, the Executive Director of the Russian American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) bilateral forum, and a member of our Advisory Council, gives an exclusive in-depth interview to RAYA Voices, sharing his thoughts on issues surrounding US-Russia bilateral ties and offering a vision for moving forward.